CareSeed HEDIS Consulting and Medical Record Review Software

Each year as the stakes are raised toward achieving improved overall quality scores, health plans struggle to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of health plan quality improvement. A successful HEDIS® medical record review project can have a great impact on a health plan’s quality ratings and financial performance.

CareSeed’s Harvest™ hybrid software solution enables you to successfully manage your medical record project. Its unique product management and abstraction capabilities empower your team to successfully execute key tasks and deliver the best results toward your project timeline. Find out more about how to partner with CareSeed for this mission-critical task.

Compare Harvest with your current vendor’s application:

  • Project-focused software solution that gives end users access to the key product features that align with assigned roles and project responsibilities through a simple navigation interface.
  • Rate reports that go beyond numerator compliance results to include an array of progress reports for key project milestones and metrics to enable your overall medical record review strategy.
  • Immediate scoring as data entry is input so abstractors can easily identify the existing care gaps that impact numerator compliance.
  • Provider data cleanup and provider site management resulting in a targeted approach toward record retrieval. Moreover, Harvest can accommodate your plan’s practice patterns and provider network affiliations with the ability to track and chase providers belonging to multiple sites or members seen in multiple locations.
  • Attaching and annotating scanned charts to easily locate the information that supports audit validation and result scoring of your sampled members.
  • Best-in-class data abstraction accuracy and scoring using robust overread and IRR quality checks and impact analysis reports to identify error rates and training opportunities for your reviewer staff.
  • Many more tools that allow for a better medical record review project experience for all key contributors and stakeholders.

Find out how CareSeed’s Harvest hybrid software solution can help you meet your overall project goals.


HEDIS is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).